Forex Brokers – How to Become an Introducing Broker

So you are interested in the forex market so much that you want to become an introducing broker. Of course, you understand that there is a lot to learn about becoming a forex broker. Are you prepared to learn everything there is to know about forex rates and forex trading at the deepest levels? If so, the information contained here may help you.


Successful forex introducing brokers

Companies are amongst some of the best examples of potential forex introducing brokers or wannabees. Here are some examples:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Banks
  • Business professional (plus interested clients)
  • Financial advisers (independent)
  • Financial seminar organizers
  • Forex traders
  • Insurance firms
  • Real estate agents
  • Sales executives (with interested clients)
  • What do you need?

If you are involved in or own a company in these areas then you may be able to expand your business horizons, under the right conditions. However, even if you are an independent individual with business acumen, you may stand a chance, too. Remember that you will be introducing people to reputable forex brokers or brokerages. Though you should ask yourself if you have friends, family, clients and/or contacts interested in forex investments or trading, and do they:

  • Disposable and willing to invest/trade income ($1000 – $10,000+)
  • Investment experience
  • Online forex trading experience
  • Want investment alternatives
  • Want to learn forex trading
  • Want someone to trade forex for them
  • Forex introducing broker advantages

What benefits would you get from starting a career as a forex introducing broker? You could do it online and enjoy:

  1. Giving your clients a freer life that comes with online, active forex trading
  2. Giving your clients more income
  3. Increasing your clients money-making/investment opportunities
  4. Improving your business reputation and scope
  5. Higher levels of retention from new clients
  6. Commissions from client referrals in respect to the volume of their trades with the forex brokers that you send them to
  7. Daily updates about your client generated commissions from the brokers used
  8. Monitoring your business growth 24-hours/day or when you wish
  9. Offering managed forex accounts for high-net clients
  10. A Swiss bank account (quite often provided by forex brokers to introducing brokers)
  11. Happy clients with 24-hour a day trading opportunities
  12. Giving your clients complementary account management services (no charge)
  13. Giving your clients diversified investments

Finding the right forex brokers

The final thing that you must learn to do is to find the reputable forex brokers for your clients. By checking out the most recommended firms, using only those with a physical address and all the supporting things that your clients need to monitor the forex market, learn forex trading if they wish, plenty of bonuses for your clients and plenty of support for you in building your business. Can you handle it?


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